Our dB Sound Control Solutions Products Reduce Noise Up To 75 percent!

Sound Control Solutions….”that work”

If you’re looking for sound control solutions for your next project… then the dB Sound Control family of professional products makes it simple. With dB Sound Control products, you can create a virtually soundproof environment using our products for walls, floors and ceilings achieving approximately a 75% sound reduction. For flooring application (tile, wood, carpet, etc.) use our dB-4looring™ for high acoustical performance. For new walls and ceilings, dB-3® PRO, soundproofing a room is easy and inexpensive. And ... for maximum acoustical performance, there's dB-MAX™ which is installed on the face of studs like dB-3® PRO. For post-construction… there’s dB2-4Walls® which installs like wallpaper over existing walls.

dB Sound Control products are Green….made from re-claimed thermoplastic products. LEED points in multiple categories can also be attained as well. dB Sound Control products are non-organic and will not support the growth of mold or mildew and have the highest fire ratings available (ASTM E-119 and ASTM E-84). For your next project using sound control materials…. think dB Sound Control!!!!